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            Mainly engaged in the production of pigment intermediates, catalyst coprecipitation and heavy metal adsorbents, organosilicon series,
            pharmaceutical pesticide intermediates series products, with more than 30 varieties and an annual production capacity of more than 7000 tons.

            Aromatic amine products

            Silicone series

            Catalyst (molecular sieve) coprecipitation

            Pharmaceutical pesticide intermediate series

            Pharmaceutical pesticide i


            Jiangsu Yangtze River Tianyue New Materials Co., Ltd.

            Jiangsu Yangtze River Tianyue New Materials Co., Ltd. as a famous company of Taizhou, is located in the north of Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, near 328 national highway and Ningjingyan Highway. So it enjoys convenient transportation. Founded in 1992, it occupies 80,000sq.m, and now has more than 200 employees. Our company has sound organization structure, highly effective and scientific management. Mainly engaged in the production of pigment intermediates, catalyst coprecipitation and heavy metal adsorbents, silicone series, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates. Recently we have more than 30 varieties and our yearly capacity amounts to more than 7,000 tons.  
            Our company is fully supplied with water, electricity, gas and air conditioning and has advanced gas and liquid chromatography, physical and chemical check out test set, etc. On October 28, 1998, we formally passed the International Quality System Authentication of GB/T1900-ISO9002, in 2000, we passed the ISO9001, and in January, 2004, we passed the ISO14000 Authentication. Our product sells to many countries and areas such as the Europe and America, Japan, Southeast Asia and so on and has won customers' high praise and trust.


            The company has won the titles of "Jiangsu Market User Evaluation Satisfied Products", "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise", "Measurement Qualification Confirmation Unit", "Environmental Protection Advanced Unit", etc.


            Jiangsu Yangtze River Tianyue New Materials Co.,Ltd.

            Add: No. 1 Donggang Road, Yu Duo Town, JiangYan District, Taizhou Ctiy, JiangSu Province

            Postcode: 225509

            Foreign trade department: +86-523-82778043,82778098

            Tel: +86-523-88641062, 88645850

            Fax: +86-523-88642070

            Legal Representative: Chen A'ming

            E-mail: sales@yzjchem.com, cam@yzjchem.com, zlq@yzjchem.com

            URL: www.mafercb.com

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